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  • Students must be in burgundy top and bottom scrubs uniform to attend class and clinical
  • Uniforms must be clean, pressed and free of odors and smoke
  • Enclosed sneakers or gym shoes only, no open-toed shoes, holes or Crocs
  • Shoes must be clean and neutral colored
  • No artificial or long fingernails
  • No chipped or peeling nail polish
  • No hanging earrings
  • No long necklaces
  • Only wedding, engagement and promise rings are acceptable
  • Post or stud type nose piercings only, no hoops
  • Hair must be pinned up in a bun or ponytail and off of the shoulders


  • Arrive on-time and be ready for class
  • Bring your own supplies
  • Maintain proper hygiene
  • Keep the classroom and lab clean and organized
  • Treat equipment with care
  • Complete all assigned work and tasks on-time


  • Treat all staff and students with respect
  • No insults or harassment of any kind
  • No eating in class
  • No smoking in the building, bathroom or parking lot of the school and clinical facilities
  • Do not interrupt instructor or fellow students
  • Do not distract other students
  • Do not disrupt the learning environment


All students must sign the syllabus, agree all information is understood and all rules and regulations must be followed in order to participate in the program through Parrish Academy.

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