Frequently Asked Questions

What is Parrish Academy?

Parrish Academy provides individuals with education and training to become state Certified Nursing Assistants.

What does a Certified Nursing Assistant do?

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), helps provide professional healthcare to patients in various medical settings. CNA’s also help patients with basic daily needs and are under the direct supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Where can a CNA work?

A CNA is qualified to work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, retirement homes, assistant living homes, home health care and more.

What do I need to enroll in Parrish Academy?

All you need is your Driver’s License or State ID and Burgundy Scrubs (Top & Bottom) which is required in class and clinical. However, we recommend that you have your High School Diploma or GED Equivalent.

In some cases you will be required to provide:

What do I need for class?
  • Burgundy scrubs & athletic shoes
  • Notebook or paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Highlighter
  • Laptop or tablet (optional but recommended)
How long is the CNA training course?

The CNA training course is normally 2 weeks, but some courses may vary in length depending on the scheduled meeting times.

How do I know if being a CNA is right for me?

A good CNA will be a motivated individual who is a good communicator, hard worker and passionate about patient care.

What qualifications will I have after completing the course?

After finishing the course you will receive a certificate of completion and will be prepared and eligible to take the state certification exam.

How much is the CNA Training Course?

The total cost of the course is $800 which includes a non-refundable registration fee.

When is my payment due?

Full balance of payment is due by the first day of class.

How do I enroll?

You may enroll online. Click here or call (248) 382-2221 for more information.

Does this course count towards pre-med contact hours?

This CNA course counts towards pre-med student contact hours and is a great way to meet this type of requirement.

Can I use financial aid?

Parrish Academy does not participate in Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), however financial assistance is available for qualified students. We accept students from Michigan Works & Detroit At Work. Please call (248) 382-2221 for more information.

How do I receive a refund?
  • An application fee of $75 is non-refundable
  • You must request a refund within 3 business days of registration
  • After first day of class all payments are non-refundable
  • If you withdraw from class or stop attending all payments are non-refundable
  • If you are unable to attend your registered class for a valid reason you may use your payment for a future class within 30 days – call the office as soon as possible to coordinate rescheduling
  • All refund requests must be emailed to School Administration

For any other questions please send a message or call Parrish Academy at (248) 382-2221.