Who We Are

Parrish Academy is the premiere Certified Nursing Assistant School in Southeastern Michigan. It is the result of the finest healthcare professionals throughout the country coming together to develop a modern and effective curriculum to produce successful leaders in the field. Motivated individuals from all walks of life now have a resource to create promising healthcare careers that can lead to personal fulfillment and financial independence.

The goal of Parrish Academy is to equip the healthcare community with talent that is qualified and highly skilled. Parrish Academy is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of education and instruction. The school prepares nursing assistants with training that focuses on providing quality patient-centered care.

What We Do

Parrish Academy offers CNA courses which include classroom instruction and online learning. New classes are scheduled each month and incorporates clinical skills by training in a fully equipped simulation lab. Students also gain hands-on experience at approved nursing care facilities.

The school is located in Southfield, Michigan and is easily accessible from several main highways. Parrish Academy is the premier CNA training school for all of Greater Metro Detroit. Training is typically two weeks. Students receive a certificate upon successful completion and are prepared to take the state certification exam. Parrish Academy also provides job placement resources and tuition assistance is available for qualified students.

Program Director
Mildred Witcher, RN, BSN

Program Director

It is not about money, a pay check or what you receive. It becomes more so, what you give. It is a sacrifice. We change lives by the care we provide. It is an honor to serve. My endeavor is to educate and train CNA’s that are impactful and memorable. These are the type of care providers that patients trust and rely on. My expectation is that students who graduate from Parrish Academy will be the standard of compassion in patient-centered care.


Great Class

This class helped me so much. I recommend Parrish Academy for anyone who wants to level up their life.

– Sebastian A.

Awesome Teacher

Mildred was the best teacher I ever had! She is awesome and will make you realize your true potential.

– Grace W.
Long-Term Care

Best CNA School

This CNA school is better than the other ones. The other school just wanted my money but you can see the administration at Parrish Academy actually cares about my success! Don’t look for any other school. Enroll in Parrish Academy.

– Angela T.
Home Healthcare